allowed to post negative review for sub optimal work?

Written by  on October 31, 2017

Ordered some copywriting through the copyrighting forum. While the customer service and turn-around time was very commendable, the writing was sub-optimal to say the least. I was not expecting them to have the literary prose of a Harvard grad, but overall, I was seriously unimpressed with the quality of writing.

I don't want to submarine anyone's writing business on here, but kind of amazed how bad the writing was, given the feedback from other users who also placed orders.

Chargeback (Seller Protection from Fraud)

Written by  on October 31, 2017

i'm facing this problem and i lost some money because of chargebacks, i use stripe as a gateway and
paypal. As you know there's always the possibility that the credit cards are stolen and as a dropshipper i
can't verify this, and stripe fraud prevention system cold give me a false negatives and false positives.

So what are the solutions that i can use other than paypal and stripe?

I need help customizing a php script i bought

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Please someone help me with customization of a php script i purchased…send me a message please or drop your skype

i want to start dropship on ebay

Written by  on October 31, 2017

can somebody help me with start
i want to use DSMTOOL or there is any better option?
can you guys please send me some guides or guide me somehow to start sell on ebay
thank you

Zero To Profit – Make Bank With Shopify Stores With Facebook Ads!

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[​IMG] ^(

Looking for guest posters and backlink partners

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Looking to pay $5-$15 per posting. Content will be provided.

[Confirmed] Google Docs Scans Your Document Content

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I know this will seem obvious to many, but assumption and confirmation are two different things. There is now complete confirmation that Google scans your documents for more than just providing data to help you out.

A bug has revealed that Google is scanning your content for TOS violations. Before, people used to defend Google saying that they have better things to do than track down your crappy PBN that you're storing in Google Docs. Maybe they don't. Here it is for your reading pleasure:…

[Confirmed] Google Docs Scans Your Document Content ^(

The Porn Site Journey

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I have started building my first porn site 3 weeks ago today! and have made it go live now, I have invested approx £400 into this project so far. I am currently still researching and testing out different methods of SEO, I have managed to get top rankings on 4 keywords with google so far, but unfortunately still waiting for google to fully index the website and looking into how to achieve an alexa rank.

I will keep posting on how i am getting along, hopefully it will all be positive and…

The Porn Site Journey ^(

Summit Rank Link Building – GET YOUR SITE RANKING! – Coupons, Coupons, COUPONS!

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[​IMG] ^(