BigFish Entertainment

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Please allow me to introduce myself:

I’m a freelancer with internet marketing background for the rather unusual jobs that require out of the box thinking, cutting corners, misusing systems, etc.

Currently based in India, one of the fastest developing countries regarding internet technology.

Talk to you soon!

What do you think?

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I don't want to give advice to a eCommerce client regarding setting up a business, taxes etc. One of my clients built a brand in 2016 and is doing well this year. He did his own taxes for 2016 because he was a sole proprietor and he told me he broke even. Last year he quit his job and will be owing a lot of taxes because he made huge profits with his eCommerce brand this year.

When he sets up his LLC could the accountant register his business he created for March of 2016?

SSL Problem(I need help)

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Hi everyone. I just bought a VPS apache ubuntu 16.04 1 click wordpress install from digital ocean(this is my first time ever using a VPS) and I created a site. Then I went ahead and got an SSL but now when I go to my site I get this:

This site is unreachable
The server rejected the connection.

I tried two times from scratch and this is the error I got everytime. I contacted their support but they sent me to some youtube videos :( Maybe someone here had this type of problem and could give…

SSL Problem(I need help) ^(

Beta Testing Name Brand Clothing

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We're checking to see if we can get distribution going for Italian fashion brands. We'll be adding six fashion companies in the next month.

Take a look:

Affiliates will receive 10% for every order. December 25th, new affiliates will only receive 5%.

Payouts will be provided with Certified Checks.

This offer is only available to residents of 48 US Main States.

Autoblogging plugin

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Which good auto blogging plugin would you recommend.
I've used some that doesn't auto post pictures and videos and I want something better.
I'd prefer a free plugin but if I must buy a premium one for better service, pls let me know

Does anybody here use Tactical Arbitrage or Oaxray?

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I'm going to change gears, use my IM assets to start pushing traffic to ebay/amazon stores and such…. and I want to go with good software + chrome extension for most of my product research/on site implementation. The funny thing is, almost all of them make claims to bet the best or most accurate, and you don't really know until you use them.

Just lookin to any vets that have already been doing it for a while if they have experience with either.

Hello there

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Hello everyone!!!

Has anyone heard of a company called Vdopia

Searching for Dating Affiliate Networks

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Hi Guy's. I'm searching for good dating affiliates that pay for Sign up and Sales too. Any affiliate offer these both? I will be happy if anyone assist me, Thanks !

Looking For PPC Campaign

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Hello Guys,
Anyone has white hat ads Campaign for google adwords

45k Facebook Page

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I have a facebook page with 45,000 followers for sale..accepting offers.