Removing gov link from page 1

Written by  on January 10, 2018

I had experience with removing links from page 1 but I never did work with gov links. Usually i would just power up high da properties and after 6 months all the bad links would be gone from page 1. But this one gov link has not moved after 4 months. I'm running out of ideas. I'm driving me crazy.

Has anyone had experience removing gov links from page 1 ?

manual click and search

Written by  on December 8, 2017

Let's say you are using firefox portable + storm proxies and you are doing manual click and search. Can google detect you are using proxies ? Meaning you are not using public proxies.

Has anyone here tested this ?

Home page got de-indexed ?

Written by  on November 22, 2017

Been doing a lot of links in the last 3-7 days to tier 1s and 2s. All suddenly I see my home page disappear and when I checked its no longer indexed in Google.

Check in GWT, nothing in there.

Anybody experienced this before ? Is it a penalty ? Or Google dance. Should I just leave it couple of days to see what happens ?