My Instagram Growth Journey (18.3K to 30K)

Written by  on January 13, 2018

Hi guys,

I am working on growing my instagram to 30k.

This is my current instagram status:

I use both manual & automation tricks.

I use my favorite web based bot. (AutoInsta)

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how to grow my instagram? (18.2K)

Written by  on January 8, 2018

hi guys! :cool:

So here is my question…
My instagram page (macrobrilliance) has 18.2k followers and i get an average of 2000-3000 likes per post (i think the engagement is pretty good…) and my niche is macrophotography and i can't find any other pages in this niche bigger than mine! I think other niches like travel, nature and photography could be related to mine if not exactly the same …

My question is that what are the best options for me to grow that 18.2K followers? o_O

mass unfollowing tricks?

Written by  on January 4, 2018

hi guys,

I have 18.2k followers on my page and i am following 5,388 people. (first post on October 2016)

i want to know what is the safest way to unfollow these accounts? without getting banned or sth :D


My Instagram Journey to 10,000 Organic Followers

Written by  on January 4, 2018

1 Account (@luxetown_)

niche: LuxuryFashion, luxurylife, resorts
"Wondrous land of luxury For Women Fashion/Resorts "

Strategy: Combination of manual/ automatic user targeting + FLC/ FUN/

Tools I am using:: Followliker, Later App, Autoinsta | Instagram Bot Butler, Ink361, Focalmark


Day 2 : Followers: 37 | Following: 99 | 8 Posts