How to monetize couple hundred Twitter bots[custom made]?

Written by  on October 31, 2017

So like I mentioned in a previous thread I've been working on a nice twitter bot tool withe selenium and nodejs. It's in the final stage and ready to launch – I've already done some preliminary testing with a test case of 10-15 bots or so and it looks promising. Now I'm ready to put my code to work on a VPS and start with a couple hundred bots – each will probably pull at least 10% of the daily following quota – so this means a minimum of 5 followers per day per bot – probably to a total of…

How to monetize couple hundred Twitter bots[custom made]? ^(

How to access my VPS anonymously?

Written by  on October 29, 2017

Is it possible? Cause I've been googling the issue but found almost no answers. Here's the scenario:
Say I buy a vps using bitcoins. Then I connect to it with an rdp client. But won't my IP adress be logged somewhere on the VPS provider's logs? How can I connect to the VPS in a way that won't expose my IP adress to the VPS provider? Can I somehow use Tor or a VPN to access the VPS?

Cause if I can't what's the use of buying a VPS with bitcoins since my privacy won't be protected?