What is the normal CPC on Taboola?

Written by  on January 9, 2018

I am publisher on Taboola
Most of the traffic on my site comes from USA.
I don't know about others but I get only 0.05$ per click. Is it possible?
What is the CPC for USA traffic, I talk about publishers not Advertisers
So how much you earns per click?
Thanks and sorry about my English:)

There is Unblockable popunder script?

Written by  on January 8, 2018

There is Unblockable popunder script?
I have not found anything about it, and most of the scripts I found are blocked by all browsers
Please help, thanks

Affiliate Programs for politics niche

Written by  on December 29, 2017

I'm looking for more ways to monetize my site,
My niche is about politics.. Do you know good Affiliate Programs for politics niche?

Best popup ad network?

Written by  on December 25, 2017

What is the Best popup ad network today?
Are there still people who use this to make money?
Is it possible to combine Adsense and Pop-Up? i mean to work with Adsense and in the same time to work with PopUp ad network?
Can you recommend good popup ads network?
Thanks a lot and sorry about my Englsih!

Double-click and Adsense

Written by  on December 6, 2017

Do you use them both?
Is it recommended to register for Double-click for publisher?
In the meantime, I only work with Adsense, and only recently I found out Double-click
Should I join there?
Sorry about my English, thanks

How do you monetization your site?

Written by  on November 26, 2017

How do you monetization your site?
I am using Adsense something like a two year, but sometimes the CPC is very low
and the Page CTR is 2%.. Too low right?
The situation is the income is unstable, I wanted to know if you have more creative ways to monetization my site..
Thank you
*sorry about my English

Sites like Outbrain Taboola are profitable?

Written by  on November 17, 2017

Sites like Outbrain Taboola are profitable?
how they pay? Like adsense, per click?
What similar sites, automatically confirm?
please help.. Thanks

Is it possible to make money with Amazon?

Written by  on November 3, 2017

I have website in specific niche.. i already have Adsense ads..
I've checked Amazon and there are related products about my niche, do you think it's possible to increase revenue with Amazon ads?
Is it PPC too or just PPS?
Has anyone ever worked with them?
Thanks :)

Help with Facebook Pixel

Written by  on October 22, 2017

I wasted quite a lot of money on advertising on Facebook without any benefit, or minimal profit …
Now I started trying to advertise my store with FB PIXEL.
The truth I got entangled, it's like a maze …
Can you recommend how to start learning more about this system before I just waste money?
And I also realized that the Audience tool is also effective.
But I did not understand the effectiveness of the "Audience Size"
Thanks a lot!