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Website rank #1 in google

Written by  on January 2, 2018

Who do I pay around here to get my website ranked or to show first on google when searching?? Also, I need someone who can go in my word press and SEO my shit…I don't know much about all that but I'm willing to pay…Also I'm looking for social media management, some one who can kick start my social presence…I got some competition I want tooken out, or at the least put under me!! The Niche is Hip hop New's,Music,Mixtapes,Video etc…By the way, Happy New Year BHW and Thank you for…

Website rank #1 in google ^(

How do I split ad earning’s between 3 people??

Written by  on January 2, 2018

I got 3 different people working on a monetized blog with me…what the easy way to split ad profit?? can they just apply for adsense,etc. and put ads from their account along with mine on the one website?? Make Sense?? Sorry if I sound Nooby, I promise Im a lil past being one…

I Love you BHW!!

Written by  on November 12, 2017

Im about 4 months new to BHW even tho i joined earlier, but I spend/t hours on this site a day just soaking it all up like a sponge!! I see the bigger picture in everything and when I'm reading methods or journey's it really gives me a understanding how everything works in general!! All though I have not made a dime yet…I have went and got hosting, I bought 7 domains and built 7 sites..some are still in very ruff mode but I did pay a BHW member to build 2 of em' that came out pretty…

I Love you BHW!! ^(

How to monetize FaceBook???

Written by  on November 9, 2017

I been seeing ppl on my timeline saying to get your FB monetized…And of course they're just saying it and not explaining how…So my ? is how is this done?…and as a beat maker / gfx designer what might be my best route in your opinion??

iWanna Write a E-book…How??

Written by  on October 29, 2017

I wanna make some online money and I been trying for a while now with no success, I'm far from giving up tho!! In life I like to go with my gut instinct because it never let me down…My gut instinct keeps telling me to write a e-book and sell it…Now I don't know nothing about writing e-books or selling them but this is what I gotta go with….My mom would write it only because its her passion to write so i got that part ready…I wanna write a e-book about music marketing, selling etc….

iWanna Write a E-book…How?? ^(