Getting a shadow banned account back. New Way

Written by  on November 18, 2017

Hey guys just wanted to update you guys! I had a weird shadow ban that happened where I couldn't see any notifications from anyone, also those users weren't receiving anything from myself. like follows, likes, comments etc. they would all still happen, but they were never notified. Anyways i tried everything for a week and i was still "shadow banned" from everything and was losing hope. Then i decided to join an auto round engagement group to like to a different account, and the usual go to…

Getting a shadow banned account back. New Way ^(

Power like problem. Thoughts?

Written by  on October 24, 2017

So I’ve been through everything and finally thought I was on the right track with power likes and dm likes. Post are hitting explore and I’m growing quicker than ever…. but here’s the problem. I’m a US influencer in the fitness niche. Now 80-90% of all the new followers and likes are Indian/Arab/Russian. So it’s ruining my follower base. As I’m a US account this troubles me because i know it’s the only way to truly grow as liking and F/U are just broken now days. Any way to get around…

Power like problem. Thoughts? ^(