$1,000 investment

Written by  on January 9, 2018

Hello everyone!
I'd like to ask for your advice.
I have an IG network with 280,000 followers, various niches which I can use for generating traffic.
I plan to invest around $500-$1,000 in internet business but still cannot decide which option is better:
1. Making a micro niche website for affiliate programs.
2. Buying a micro niche website.
3. Investing money in dropshipping business (ecommerce, i.e. Shopify).
4. Something else.
I'll be glad to get any advice from you.
Thank you

Instagram Network [ 270,000 followers]

Written by  on January 5, 2018

Hello everybody!
I have been developing an IG Network for 9 months. Currently I have 38 accounts with total amount of followers 270K. My biggest account got 37k followers. My accounts are in various niches from automotive to traveling.
My plan is to keep growing until I reach 1M. Probably it will take 10-12 months.
What can you recommend me to start monetizing this network now (no shoutouts and no CPA) to get a small income 100-150 USD/month?
I will be very glad to get any advice.
Thank you!