Chaturbate and Crakrevenue what should I do?

Written by  on January 7, 2018

Hi all ,
I'm doing chaturbate and crakrevenue but still no conversions
Here's my results so far ^( (chaturbate) ^( (crakrevenue)
I took cam offer on crackrevenue Royal Cams offer but it didn't convert so I redirected to chaturbate 20% rev share offer.My clicks seems to be increased everyday and I'm still working to bring traffic to my domain but I'm not sure what offer to take should I stick with Chaturbate or should I pick…

Chaturbate and Crakrevenue what should I do? ^(

Will AI take over the world ?

Written by  on November 13, 2017

Hi guys , I saw many vids of Sophia by HansonRobotics that got a citizenship by Arabia , she is very smart and learns daily , the science guy behind this said in a vid that in 4-5 years it will reach human level of IQ, also I saw some of these vids
, , ….
what if all these are combined to one powerful robot with high beyond human IQ level and gets hacked and modified by serial killers…

Will AI take over the world ? ^(

[Q] Video Mass Editor !

Written by  on November 5, 2017

Hi guys ,
please help me out I'm searching for a mass video editor for 8 hours long I've installed 20 of them and none of them are for mass I'm so fucking angry that I lost 8 hours for nothing please somebody help me out with any link (moderator change thread to a different section cuz I know I'm not in the right one sorry)

[Question] CPAGrip and Adult CPA

Written by  on October 29, 2017

Hi all, how are you ?
I just registered on CPAGrip I watched some youtube videos and read here the YT + CPA Method !
I'm also waiting on Adverten ( Adult ) Approval.I have some money to invest on I'm thinking boosting YT videos with views and also FB Ads.Is there any course on CPAGrip I wanna learn it in depth basically what I learned till now is having an domain uploading your LP inside your LP you need to have the offer of the network.And for Adult CPA I'm gonna upload videos on xxx…

[Question] CPAGrip and Adult CPA ^(