Litecoin – this is what I think!!! Will happen

Written by  on February 15, 2018

I’m just a newbie don’t troll me!!! Speaking what I think!! Correct me if I’m wrong learning it!!!

Litecoin is on the rise!! Above $200!!
There is a good gain I think!! LTC will rise till the Sunday!! Where there will be a huge dump!!

May be the value come below $120.

Volume is increasing!! As there is litecoin cash hardfork this Sunday!!

Few things I experienced is that people are there because they need the profit!!

Happened with trx!! Gone to moon!!! But always got a huge dump!!…

Litecoin – this is what I think!!! Will happen ^(

ICX Prediction Jan – Feb

Written by  on January 19, 2018

What do you think about $ICX this month!!!
Any prediction of it being higher??

TRX Will it go up!!!

Written by  on January 9, 2018

So I have about 4000 TRX that I'm holding up. I bought it when it was near about $0.7.
Today it is about $0.14.
Everyone is booting TRX bit why isn't the price going up.
It went up to $0.25 but I did a mistake not selling it act that price and now I'm holding.
It is even hard to trade TRX as it is just wondering around the same equator.

Any idea when will it go up. Will it ever go up. What's up with 14jan???

What not to do in Amazon Affiliate?

Written by  on December 31, 2017

Hey there,
I have seen a lot of people saying that they got their Amazon Affiliate ban? But, I have followed all the instruction – May be I might be missing some.
I'm currently making more than $6000 – $7000 from Amazon Affiliate itself.

So, how can I not get banned.
Did you get your Affiliate banned? How?
What should I do to be in safer side?

Any help will be appretiated.


Amazon Affiliate Banned What Will Happen Of The Commission?

Written by  on November 11, 2017

Well this has not happened yet, but curious!!!

What will happen to my affiliate earned commision.

Suppose I have $300 in my account that has been earned! What will happen to it.

I know everyone will tell that you will not get any return. But, reply only if you have experienced it.

Made $1000 in just 3 months!!!

Written by  on November 7, 2017

So, I started my journey of blogging 3 months ago.

I read every guide on BHW & also every journey. For that I'm very thankful.

I started a niche website which skyrocketed in racing and also had many sales on Amazon.

Today I crossed $1000 and made about $1200.

Thank you BHW!!!