Why FB minimum daily ad spend is $40?

Written by  on December 8, 2017

I've just purchased some pva FB accounts and several that I logged in to and tried to set-up some ads – the minimum ad spend (daily) is $40…

Although on own name account – I can spend $1-2, etc.

Anybody knows why that is and how can it be bypassed?


Need a Good Web2.0s Service – Fully hand-made, with HQ content, themes, etc.

Written by  on November 21, 2017

Hey everyone,

wanted to ask maybe anybody has tried or know someone who makes HQ Web2.0s sites?

I need a professional looking web 2.0s, with unique hand-written content (custom length), contact, about pages and etc.


Need a Person From Belgium

Written by  on November 16, 2017

I'm looking for a person who lives in Belgium. The job is real easy and doesn't require much time. I'll just be buying some virtual services from you which are only available in Belgium.

Please PM me or better write to skype: s.w.a.t.14


Any normal sellers with ‘diversity-links’ packages for new sites?

Written by  on October 26, 2017


anyone know any good linkbuilding package service here where you can get multiple types of links (web2.0s, a bit of profiles, audio, video, doc, edu, infographic, tier2 social, etc.) suitable for new sites who don't need a bunch of links?

Yes, I know there are lots of these types of services, but all seems like "we will spam the shit outta your site". Basically they would be good, if there only was like 5 web2.0s, 5 profiles, 5 docs, etc. etc.
But now it's like 50 w2s, 200 profiles,…

Any normal sellers with 'diversity-links' packages for new sites? ^(http://marathidarpan.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/any-normal-sellers-with-diversity-links-packages-for-new-sites.982958/)