Md Siddik

Md Siddik

[paid] teach me how to create 2000 blog comments

Written by  on December 24, 2017

I can see many fiverr sellers offering 50,000 blog comments
20,000 blog comments .

can anyone tell me how i can make 2000 blog comments with my website link .
I don't want to buy, i want to learn . Blackhat/white hat

using scrapebox/gsa/senuke ?

how to get 2000 blog comments fast ?

who can teach me ? i am ready to pay for your time .
sky pe : ronnie.smith950

thank you

who can rank google first page ? [paid]

Written by  on December 15, 2017

hello !
is there anyone here ?
who can rank a website to first page of google
medium competition keywords ? or low
within few days or 15-20 days ?

any black hat method still alive ?

i am ready to pay !

sk y p e : ronnie.smith950

thank you

Bitcoin Mining pool Setup ($500 Budget)

Written by  on December 2, 2017

Hello !
I need someone who can create a BitCoin Mining Pool
with backend
Framework & db
BitBucket setup for serverside testing
AWS, cloud or server setup.
NOMP for various algorithms.
Equihash, Ethash, NeoScrypt,CryptoNight
Stratum ports defined

can anyone help me making for me ?
i have upto $800 Budget .
Sk i p e : ronnie.smith950

Thank you

Need 5000 Backlink For Youtube Video

Written by  on November 28, 2017

Hello !
i need 5000 backlink For my youtube video .
the backlink need to be showed on google search
and in VidIQ Referrers
I can Pay upto $20 Per 5000 Backlink .
Example :



web traffic bot ??

Written by  on October 24, 2017

What is the best web traffic bot available on the internet ?
I have been using diabolic lab bot but it works like worst after there update .

what is the best traffic bot available on internet ? Free or Paid ( No problem )

thanks for the help .