How can i use my home IP in a BOT that runs on VPS?

Written by  on January 6, 2018

Will it work if put the ip into "proxy" tab? Even tho my home ip isn't proxy

Someone said to turn my home ip into proxy but that sounds like a headache.

Is Stripe good gateway with Shopify dropshipping? (Non US)

Written by  on December 20, 2017

Anybody here using Stripe as a payment getaway for cc's? Planning to use it along side with PayPal checkout. What's your experience and opinion on it.

Instagram Growth Journey to 1m followers

Written by  on December 3, 2017

Hi and welcome to my journey :)

I'm a student from europe in his early twenties. I've been doing IG for about 2 years now and have had multiple accounts, some pretty big and some smaller. First it was all manual with one account only. Some point i added more accs but ended up selling them because i didn't have bot and it was hard to manually manage, but i got some good experience and sold some shoutouts. When i found BHW i started to learn about botting and other monetizing methods…

Instagram Growth Journey to 1m followers ^(http://marathidarpan.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/instagram-growth-journey-to-1m-followers.992012/)

I email verifyed account on wrong ip…

Written by  on November 27, 2017

So i got that "unusual login attempt" thingy on account A and send code to email of that account. I went to browser and logged into IG and Email to verify but then realized i used my other accounts proxy (account B).. Now i have 2 accounts verifyed on B accounts proxy.

Should i just change back to and verify again with account A's proxy or will i roll with B accounts proxy (2 accs on that now) ?

I want only 1 ip per account. So did i fuck up B's ip if because of login?

even if i bot with…

I email verifyed account on wrong ip… ^(http://marathidarpan.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/i-email-verifyed-account-on-wrong-ip.990292/)

Instagram won’t let me access my account!

Written by  on November 26, 2017

Every time i try to login this thing pops out (pic)

Usually happens when logging in from different ip, but i allways close wifi and use 4G data network to log. That's how i manage all my accounts. Only this one account gets verification request every time.

Anybody know why?

On how many accounts can i login with one device?

Written by  on November 19, 2017

I use 1 proxy per acc on bot.

I'm worried about if IG connects same device ID between all my accounts. So if 1 gets banned will other accounts too?

I manage 5 with one device right now. Thinking about expanding my network but i don't have enough devices to check all accounts. So is logging in to more than 5 with one phone ok?

Anybody gaining with like only method? (Followliker)

Written by  on November 10, 2017

Title. And how many likes/day you do?