Can I Talk To Some Mobile App Publishers?!

Written by  on December 21, 2017

Hey guys. I have a marketing idea that I believe could really be beneficial for app publishers/developers. I want to see if there is a want for it in the market, so here I am. Would any people who are making money with mobile apps want to discuss a marketing tactic? I do not want to discuss on the public forum only because it is my business currently, but I would love more insight on how mobile app developers think about it. Thanks for reading!

Where to Get Email List For Niche? (Paid)

Written by  on December 21, 2017

Hey guys. I am still looking for a email list for mobile game companies. I found one guy, but I can't seem to find him again in my inbox. I would be very interested in paying someone or some business to find a email list. Do you guys know any good cheap company, or can one of you do it? Thanks

Need Specific Business Address/Email List (Paid)

Written by  on November 22, 2017

I am looking for a list of business addresses (to send letter to) or emails. Anyone have something like this, or could create it? I would prefer to have specific industries such as mobile games, apparel, hair, makeup. I can go further in-depth if need-be. Anyone interested in making some quick money for compiling something like this? Thank you.

Mobile APP SMM Panel

Written by  on November 2, 2017

Would it be possible to make a smm panel for IOS? I have not seen any. Would the appstore not approve it or something?

How to make an automatic SMM panel?

Written by  on October 27, 2017

Hey, I am very curious on how people make an SMM panel that instantly causes the bot to act on the request. I would love to setup an exclusive SMM panel for instagram. Is there a way I could set it up so when I get an order for 200 likes or follows, it will automatically bot those without me setting the bot to do it? Could I do this with a normal bot like Instadub/Followliker? Thank you, any hint to the right direction is appreciated.