Related/Suggested Views on YT – How do these guys do it?

Written by  on January 2, 2018

I keep seeing these YT journey's on the forum where these guys open a new (completely whitehat) Youtube channel, then their channel just instantly explodes making hundreds per day, reporting that all the views are coming from related/suggested views.

I've asked the question around the forum a couple times already, but haven't had much luck aside from being told to make a good thumbnail, and "choose good keywords", which I feel like I have worked very had at doing, but had no luck.

I have a…

Related/Suggested Views on YT – How do these guys do it? ^(

What kind of programming is used for bots?

Written by  on October 27, 2017

Just wondering what kind of programming is involved for say.. a software like massplanner? And how do they deal with sites like instagram that involve accessing the site via android. I'm assuming there's some sort of emulation, but how does that work?

I know some programming languages, but kind of a noob to some others, as well as android, but interested in it.

Any tips for making my first sale on Fiverr?

Written by  on October 27, 2017

Are there any tricks for getting sales on Fiverr? I read and watch videos about succeeding on Fiverr, but all they really talk about is making a quality listing. But I feel like I've made a quality listing, and offering a great service.

I'm new on Fiverr and it's my first gig. Should I be targeting keywords or anything like that? I just feel like it's tricky when you're first starting out on websites like this. Like it's impossible when you're just starting out on a new account — Like when…

Any tips for making my first sale on Fiverr? ^(

Good product–How to push sales?

Written by  on October 27, 2017

I am just starting out with dropshipping on eBay. I found a very good product that doesn't appear to be on eBay. Made a really good looking listing.

This is basically my first time on eBay, and my first product. Thinking before I start pumping out other products, that I'd focus on quality on my first product and see if I succeed.

So far it's been a couple days, and I have 0 sales. It looks like nobody has seen my product, even though I've added it to two categories.

Is there anything I…

Good product–How to push sales? ^(

Any tips for promoting eBay listing?

Written by  on October 26, 2017

Just posted my first eBay listing yesterday. Just wondering though.. is there anything important I should know about in terms of promotion? So far it hasn't gotten any views and it's not even listed on Google yet.

Trying to be careful that I don't get a ban because I'm using my personal account. But at the same time also wondering if there's something I should be doing like building links, etc.