Aliexpress: Seller says price will have to printed on the package

Written by  on December 12, 2017

Hey BHW,

I am planning to dropship products from aliexpress. I asked the seller not to put any promotional material or price in the package. He said as per China Customs rules price has to be printed and he cannot ship without printing the price.
What can I do guys?

My Official Intro

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Hello BHW? Honestly what brought me here was the real Dark Black Hat Stuff. But I noticed that this is a community like no other where people help others, share ideas, and is much well organized. The way people open up to share ideas is astonishing which makes you want to give back and this helps the community.

Stkr Dngr: strikerDanger. Thank you for having me.

Movie Streaming Website Questions

Written by  on December 12, 2017

Hello BHW Family.

I have a few questions regarding the movie streaming niche. I have done a lot a research and came across many helpful articles. (greyjoker & RazeByte)

A couple of questions I have and need clarification:

1) Should I Seo each page with a lot of focus keywords (15K movies) I am promoting it through Reddit,twitter,Facebook. Also, going to advertise my site on a couple of website and YouTube. I have also purchased many back-links.Making roughly 400-600 users for the first…

Movie Streaming Website Questions ^(

Google Algorithm

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Why Google has Update algorithm in a continuous manner? And how it will help Google to work smarter? paid me anyone else?

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I have been working with adsense and taboola for almost a month now and mediablam have paid me early which is good news.

Anyone else have experience with them?

I want to see if they will be reliable for the long term like adsense/taboola have been for me.

I have a celeb gossip/news type site that i get traffic from afecbook from via boosting posts.

View attachment 97737 ^(

Where to invest $25 in?

Written by  on December 12, 2017

I've got $25 and i want to invest it into something.
I was thinking about reselling seoclerks but i don't know for sure.
If you've gotten any suggestions leave them down bellow!
Thanks in advance.

adwords account review

Written by  on December 12, 2017

I have my adwords account setup by a "professional" but there are still very low impressions and clicks. Looking for someone who really knows adwords to check my account and tell me what issue(s) are and how to get more impressions.


Any Chrome/Firefox Extension that can replace FollowLiker ?

Written by  on December 12, 2017

Hi there,

Due to recent bug of IG login, I wanna try the auto process via web browser.
Could you guys suggest some extensions with decent price that can do it well ?

Thank you

make 100-150usd a day if you are in canada or usa

Written by  on December 12, 2017

as stated if you are in usa or canada I have limited slots open. This is guaranteed income but not if overseas.

3rd Giveaway [ 500 High Retention Youtube Views ]

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Hello everyone .

Time for 3rd giveaway . This time I am going to offer 500 Youtube views with 90% – 100% HR and Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin Referer (doesnt matter your video length) .

Same as before, the 3 first posters that Reply in this thread will get the views.

Views will be sent in 12 hours – 48 hours

Rules: After I announce the winners , the winners can PM me with their youtube link. If you dont PM in 24 hours max after I make the winner announce, you are out of the…

3rd Giveaway [ 500 High Retention Youtube Views ] ^(