Very stressed & Depressed For Past 5 Years

Written by  on December 16, 2017

I appreciate anyone who reads this fully and responds kindly : This is not a sob story

I've been through hell and back, let's not go into description these past 5 years have been rough for me, but I am recovering everyday.

I am mostly stuck in a tiny house, the only thing to do is waste time on social media, or browse for hours, I usually wake up in the late afternoon, I go to sleep late if stuff is playing up on my mind.

I have no social life or family support, it is just me and a few…

Very stressed & Depressed For Past 5 Years ^(

Why I’m Investing 1k Into Sia

Written by  on December 16, 2017

Never gambled on coins before, just wanna have some fun and see what the fuss is all about.

On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is a cup of coffee and 10 a million dollars I would say 1k $ represents about a 6 on that scale, meaning that it would hurt my wallet but I don't really mind losing them as I have Money saved up.

Not affiliated with sia in any way or anything, don't bet money you can't afford to lose.

Reasons why

-Offers very cheap cloud…

Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia ^(

How those websites make a lot of $

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Hi there,
they have +70K facebook page likes and thousands of shares on each recipe. Do they just boost the posts with facebook ads? Here is a few of them :



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Are people really making very big bucks here, that they are worrying about tax and looking at offshore?

As somebody not generating much profit, is there any use creating an offshore bank account? How would I go about this?

My (BAD) exprerience with Bittrex so far

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Hello everyone.
Another day in the life and i woke up again super pissed of with Bittrex and i was feeling the need to put this online. Maybe they will reply to me after they see bad news spreading around.

So it all begins like 8-10 days before. I was reading some news about Siacoin and i went to buy 1k worth of it. After i press the button to buy i get a message that my account is locked.
Ok for now nothing to worry about as support will fix this i say to myself.

I send a support request…

My (BAD) exprerience with Bittrex so far ^(

IG Shoutouts sites

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Does anybody know any other sites like jumpfame or shoutcart?

I want to invest

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I want to put some money into BTC, just in case, I also wouldn't mind learning to profit off trading them weekly or on a daily basis, I see potential. It looks alot more easier than forex and quicker than stocks.

Where do I start?

P.S – How is BTC expected to be the future if it so volatile, you will always have to worry about how much your paying ETC.

YouTube 10K quickest way?

Written by  on December 16, 2017

I need to break the 10k view barrier to earn. How can I break it asap? I use hashtags, engage with other profiles (occasionally), my content is of high quality 1080p 60fps, and I use good grammar etc.

I am at 1k total views, I started uploading in march and currently have 9 videos. I upload incosistently, is this the problem?

how do i begin dropshipping

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Sounds like something id be interested in!

is it Keyword cannibalizarion?

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I am bit confused about keyword cannibalization

Suppose there are 2 different articles. one article is targeting "best quad core laptop" while another article points to "best quad core laptop under 400 dollars"

Since title of 2 artcles contains the same phrase "best quad core laptop".
Does it cause keyword cannibalization.?